TV Shows I’m Currently Watching and Loving

I am an absolute TV and Netflix junkie. I can’t even count all of the shows I’ve binge-watched – let’s just say it’s a pretty long list. I’ve always been into it, but it has definitely become more extreme. As a matter of fact, I haven’t read one book this whole year. I’m not proud of it, but watching a quick episode or two, or ten, just always seems so tempting. It also leaves me room to do other things on the side like writing or playing with my phone, which is not possible while reading. I plan on bettering myself next year, though.

I have a schedule with all the shows I’m currently watching to make sure I don’t forget any. There are 14 on this list that are running more or less weekly, at the moment. Aside from all of these, I also watch movies and other random shows that I find on Netflix and I’m always on the lookout for new material. Actually writing this down makes me seem absolutely crazy and like I don’t have a life, but this is just a big part of it and one of my favorite things to do. I just try to plan around it a bit. Since I watch all these shows online, I’m flexible with the time I can sit down to enjoy them. My actual TV isn’t on very much, since I’m not highly interested in the German TV program. There are certain shows every year that I cannot pass up, but other than that, it rarely happens.

So I’m going to share the shows that I’m currently watching and maybe help you find a new favorite. These are the 14 from my list that are a must-see, every week. I won’t include all the other things I enjoy watching in between cause this would definitely be too much. Since I’m always on the lookout for more, let me know what you love to watch and I’ll give it a shot and probably binge-watch it, whether I like it or not. Once I start, I cannot stop cause I always keep thinking that there is a chance of it getting better, from episode to episode. I know, I have a problem.

Will & Grace
When it was announced that this magnificent show will return, original cast and all, I was so incredibly happy. I have all the previous seasons on DVD and it’s one of my absolute favorites. The jokes are on point, the characters are fabulous and I love how it is always super up to date in terms of current affairs. This is for sure one of the best sitcoms ever made and ideal for all lovers of pop culture.

Will and grace

How To Get Away With Murder
This show will get you hooked within minutes. If not – what the hell is wrong with you? Annalise Keating, played by the super talented Viola Davis, is a very special character. Super complex, powerful and also crazy, but an overall amazing female lead. This show just has the right amount of madness and all those flashbacks and forecasts make you keep coming back for more.


Keeping Up With The Kardashians
The Kardashians are fabulous and I don’t want to hear anything else. I was so happy when they announced that contracts for more seasons have been signed. They are crazy, over the top, excentric, but I look forward to the show, every single week. I don’t care if you like them or not, you got to give them credit for being highly entertaining.

Chicago P.D.
I admit, I’m still sad over the fact that Sophia Bush left the show because Erin Lindsay was such a badass. And you know, the whole Linstead romance was something I was rooting for. The show is still great though and definitely my favorite from the Chicago’s. I do have mixed feelings about Voight but their cases are really interesting and even if not, I’m just going to stare at Halstead.

Modern Family
I still remember watching the first episode, where Cam and Mitch adopted Lilly and presented her like she was Simba on The Lion King. From that moment on, I was in love with the show. It’s a fun comedy with a variety of unique characters and with this family, there is just always something going on. I love Lilly cause she’s snarky as hell.

The Big Bang Theory
Is there anyone on this planet who doesn’t watch this show? I couldn’t even imagine it not being around. The jokes, the characters and Sheldon Cooper. I’m pretty sure that he would definitely be a pain in the ass in real life, but I find his complex personality very fascinating and I love his development, throughout the years. I also very much love all the girls and the writers truly give you a lot to laugh about.

Young Sheldon
It’s definitely a cute show, if you want to learn more about the childhood of Sheldon Cooper. And the young actor is just adorable.

I admit, it’s not the greatest and most unique show on earth but it’s still fun. It’s like a more tacky version of Dallas. I usually get stuck on characters like Fallon Carrington though. She reminds me a bit of Blair Waldorf, so she sure is fun. (edit: I just googled it and realized, it’s a remake. That makes sense.)

Chicago Fire
Firehouse 51 just seems like such a great group of people to be a part of. The work that is portrayed is incredible and gives a glimpse of what real-life fire fighters have to go through, on a daily basis. I never really knew what the actual job includes and even if only a little of it is true, they do a lot and we should be grateful for their service. And boy, have I cried while watching this show. The worst is when something absolutely terrible happens in a season finale and I have to patiently wait to find out which of the great characters dies on the job. It’s definitely thrilling and emotional. Also, Lieutenant Kelly Severide can rescue me anytime.

I always root for strong female characters and who actually is stronger than Supergirl. It’s not on the very top of my list, but I enjoy watching it. I especially love the bond between her and her sister and she has amazing friends. I guess it can just get a bit boring sometimes, but that’s what distinguishes a good show from a great show. But when you’re into superheroes, this is your girl.

I must say that season one was a lot better. It’s often not easy for writers to come up with proper sequels and this wasn’t really a touchdown. I still cringe thinking of Archie and this hole red circle thing, but now that I want to know who the black hood is, I certainly won’t stop watching. And there is always a chance that it will get better. Who knows.

Grey’s Anatomy
This show has been on forever and it just never gets old. No matter how many amazing characters leave – oh Christina Yang, we still miss you – it still pulls through with other people you fall in love with. Shonda Rhimes most certainly knows what she’s doing. And there is always a slight chance that the characters, who haven’t died, will come back, so I’ll definitely keep watching. I’m pretty sure it’s the show that made me cry the most, so grab your tissues if you decide to watch.

American Housewife
It’s a cute and entertaining show that won’t give you all the feels, but will make you smile. The main character Katie is just so lovable and relatable, which I really like. And I actually believe that this is pretty close to how being a normal family in a super rich neighborhood is like. This show surely gives me a good chuckle.

I discovered the show on Netflix and was hooked pretty quickly. Batman has always been my favorite superhero and to learn more about how he became what he is and how his most prominent enemies developed, is something that I find very interesting. Also, everytime one of them is on the verge of death, I’m chill because if they were killed, they couldn’t be in the future Batman movies. It’s pretty dark and crazy but I like it.

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8 Responses to TV Shows I’m Currently Watching and Loving

  1. SB says:

    Hi ,
    You should watch the good fight is the spin off of the good wife and it is really great 😊


  2. Honey says:

    ok girl, NO NO NO NO! Kelly Severide is mine! *deal with it*
    on other note, I watch(ed) most of these and I absolutely love TV shows and I’m also an addict. Reading your intro seems crazy but it’s literally me so I can’t say anything haha
    that Kardashian gif is so funny! I’ve never watched them cause they annoy me, but seeing bits like this is awesome haha
    and yes, Erin and Jay. We need them back. And we need Shay (I don’t care if they bring her from the dead). I also watch Chicago Med which I love, but Justice was too boring on the first episode I never watched any other. #OneChicago family 🙂
    xo Honey – blog Royal LifestyleTwitterInstagram


    • Haha, ok, you can have him. He’s too short for me, anyway. I’ll take Halstead then. :) Man, the addiction is so crazy. I never go to bed at a reasonable time because of it, I do nothing else… it’s so unhealthy. Glad not to be alone. :D I haven’t watched Med and Justice yet, but I will eventually. And yes, definitely let Shay rise from the dead.

      xx :*


      • Honey says:

        I mean it says so in my bio on Twitter. he’s perfect height for me haha
        nice choice. I mean, you couldn’t really go wrong with anyone there :D
        yep. “just one episode” – until 4 a.m. >.<


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