Welcome To My New Apartment

To be honest, I guess it’s not that new anymore, since I’ve been living here for over four months now. I’m just still bad with blogging. I blame it on all the housework that I now have to do. And although I don’t clean daily like a maniac, it can be a lot. But that’s what I get for getting such a big-ass place. It’s beautiful, though, and I love it.


I must say that looking for apartments isn’t as fun as it sounds. It’s pretty stressful and ridiculous, and I’m just glad that I got lucky. I really did. I remember walking into the place for the first time, and I was in love immediately. Do you know what is also not fun at all? Moving, furnishing, and decorating everything during a pandemic. I had to order so many things online that I eventually got sick of online shopping. Never thought it was possible. But eventually, I got everything I needed. And it would’ve probably all gone faster with lots of helpers, but we kept it inside the family and still did a pretty good job. Not only with my apartment. Our whole family moved, and the entire house had to get emptied. Never doing that again.

Anyway, I’m not really known for being patient, so I wanted to get things done as fast as possible. Didn’t want to live out of boxes for months or not have proper lamps up a year later. It’s just not me. I already started ordering furniture back in October/November, which was a good idea, but there was so much more stuff I needed. Again, it’s a big place. The first new thing I got was a coffee table because that totally makes sense, right?! It all worked out, though. I just fell in love when I saw it. But just a tip: Even if you fall in love, think about it. Cause getting a table with a black glass surface was not smart. Anyway, by the end of February, I had everything. Lamps, pictures, plants, carpets – just all of it. Luckily, I had started collecting small things over the past few years, like kitchen stuff, towels, etc. Made it a lot easier. And I went nuts for rosegold. It just happened, and I’m not sorry.


I have a big living/dining room with an open kitchen, a bathroom, bedroom, pantry, and my dream office with all my books, DVDs, my Disney collection, and just anything for hobbies, etc. Every time I step into it, it makes me happy. It’s colorful and fun. I also have a beautiful balcony that goes around my whole apartment. I have three doors in different rooms to enter it. And the view is beautiful. I sure got lucky.

So yeah, now I’m living here by myself, which is pretty nice. Also weird during a pandemic. I haven’t had many people over yet. I’m just so endlessly grateful that I got to take the family dog. And the two of us are living a pretty good life. The thing is, without him, I would be lost. I’m really good by myself, but this situation is just something else. And I know that without him, I wouldn’t have left the house in like four months. I know me. I’d just be in bed all the time and do a hell lotta nothing. But with the doggy, I have to get up, go outside, be active, and it helps a lot. It’s been a pretty big change, though, caring for him all by myself, but we adjusted pretty well. Good thing there is a park right around the corner, and I love going there. We now do almost everything together, and we’re just two peas in a pod. And, boy, was he happy when I finally got my couch. Sharing an armchair didn’t work for us.


Anyway, I don’t really have anything else to say cause every day is pretty much groundhog day, but I’m sure that’s the reality for a lot of people. I sleep, work from home, cook a lot, get all my household chores done. My mom did my laundry for the first two months cause my washing machine didn’t get here, and then it wasn’t installed properly, but I now do it myself and feel very accomplished every time. We go for walks, run errands in the city, mostly on foot, now that I live somewhere a little bigger than a small village, and we’re overall doing pretty well. Notice how I write “we”? Yeah, it’s always the doggy and me.

I love having my own kitchen and bathroom and just all this space to myself. I can do whatever I want and also not do anything if I don’t feel like it. The postman has already seen me in pretty much every state, and the neighbors are ok I guess. It would be amazing, though, if they learned that doors don’t constantly have to be slammed. 

I took a video before and after putting it all together, which I would like to share. Cause yeah, I sure am proud of how everything turned out. And since I can’t invite lots of people yet, I at least want to show off a bit online. I have also done several room tours over video chat with my friends. Remember that show MTV Cribs? I’ve always loved it, and it always feels a bit like it. Anyone wanna send a camera team around? Kidding. Or not. And yes, I’m nor so great at filming.

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