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Currently… #5

listening: To my favorite podcast. eating:  In Germany, we say “Stulle”. I’m eating bread. drinking: Water. Water. And more water. wearing: Comfortable clothes in black and my favorite pink cardigan. feeling: Pretty tired. Haven’t been sleeping enough and actually had … Continue reading

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Goodbye to all the months I missed writing about

Goodbye to the last I don’t even know how many months, and, hello June. It has definitely been a hot second since anyone heard from me on my blog. After Blogtober last year, which I didn’t finish, I just stopped … Continue reading

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Goodbye Blogtober – Dropping Out Early

On Sunday, I decided to quit Blogtober early. At first, I was a bit disappointed in myself, but you know what? Putting too much pressure on yourself over something you don’t have to do while it doesn’t give you joy … Continue reading

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Books I’ve Read and Loved This Year

I am happy to say that I’ve read some pretty good books this year. I admit I got influenced a fair amount on Instagram but so far, I enjoyed the ones that were hyped. I’m gonna try not to spoil … Continue reading

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Currently… #4

listening: To my doggy making funny sounds in his sleep. eating:  M&M’s double chocolate cookies. drinking: Water as usual. wearing: All black everything. feeling: A bit sad cause my doggy isn’t doing so good at the moment. weather: Cold, windy, … Continue reading

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