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It’s Time to Move Out

Today, I want to share something because I am over the moon, and I can hardly contain myself. I signed a rental agreement for my dream apartment, and I still can’t believe this is finally happening. It’s all I can … Continue reading

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“So, have you met anyone lately?”

Once in a while, people ask me if I’ve met anyone lately, and it’s one of those questions that makes me want to roll my eyes. It’s mostly people I haven’t spoken to for some time, but I always have … Continue reading

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My Mid-Blogtober Struggle

Well, here we are. It’s mid-Blogtober, and I am struggling. Maybe it’s just this week with more going on than usual and also not always feeling great. I knew it would be a challenge, especially cause I wasn’t very well … Continue reading

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Listen and Write

Back in 2015, when I was living in San Francisco – yes, I just love casually throwing that info around – I took a creative writing class at a community center. It wasn’t as good as I had hoped for, … Continue reading

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Random Ramblings #4

Apparently, the last time I posted some random ramblings was in 2016. WHAT?!?!?! Sometimes, I don’t understand myself. Because I love just throwing thoughts out there and not going further into detail, so this is perfect. I have to do … Continue reading

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