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Blogtober 2020 – That’s a Wrap

Oh my God, I can’t believe the last day of Blogtober is here, and I’m so happy about it. It has been a ride. I’m exhausted but also proud of pulling through, even though I felt like quitting several times. … Continue reading

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The Face Behind the Blog Tag

Today is Sunday, I’m just chilling away and enjoying lots of me-time. So while that pretty much means that I’m in bed doing nothing but playing with my phone, the little voice in my head was like: “Ummm, you’re still … Continue reading

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My Mid-Blogtober Struggle

Well, here we are. It’s mid-Blogtober, and I am struggling. Maybe it’s just this week with more going on than usual and also not always feeling great. I knew it would be a challenge, especially cause I wasn’t very well … Continue reading

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The Autumn Reading Tag

It’s day 8 of Blogtober and to be honest, my brain feels pretty fried today. Why do I never properly prepare for things like this? Anyway, I thought about doing a fun tag because answering questions is what I need … Continue reading

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Why Having a Burn Book Isn’t As Awful As It Sounds

It’s October 3rd and you know what that means? HAPPY MEAN GIRLS DAY!!! I just can’t help myself, I need to recognize this every single year, because what former Plastic would I be, if I didn’t? Yes, not a joke, … Continue reading

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