Goodbye October 2018

Goodbye October,

and hello cold and rainy November, a month nobody really needs. Here in Germany, it went from Indian Summer to first snow, in just one month. At least where I live. And yes, you read that right. There was snow and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I hope it stays away for a while, now, cause I’m not a big fan. Especially with all the idiots that don’t get their tires changed in time. I will never understand how winter can be such a surprise every year. Know where you live, people.

Anyway, let’s get to all the things that happened this month. My favorite day was the baby shower I threw for my bestie, who will give birth to my second god child, this month. We had the most amazing weather, we were in the middle of nature and it was just absolutely lovely, and I think everyone had lots of fun. We sat outside half the night, you could see every star in the sky and it was just really special. Despite all the drama that happened beforehand (For the record, this was the last damn time I organize anything bigger than inviting a handful of my closest friends for breakfast), we had a good time.


Other than that, I really didn’t do anything special. A breakfast, a fun trip to IKEA, a coffee date and the rest was trying to get as much time for myself in, as possible. Which I did. I wrote a lot, cause I definitely wanted to succeed at Blogtober and I did. It was insanely exhausting, cause I suck at time management. So I basically had to write everyday and I’m still surprised, I actually got it done. Glad that it’s over. This is my first post since October 31st, cause I needed a break. But the fact that I managed to publish 31 posts in one month, should make me get at least two or so out, every week.

Another big thing for me were insane problems with my teeth. You wouldn’t believe the pain they can cause. I’m honestly a bit traumatized from the dentist and scared now, every time I go. I’ve already been seven times over this whole mess and I’m still not done. For like half a week, I also looked like a lopsided chipmunk. I was even on sick leave. That’s how bad it was. I’ve never taken so many pain killers before. I’m glad that I’m doing a lot better now, but it’s still not fully handled.

So that’s pretty much it for the month. Nothing super special, but I actually like quiet months. I always need a lot of sleep and just love hanging out at home, doing chill things. I honestly never get bored and work currently stresses me out so much that I don’t really feel like being out and about a lot on weekends. I also won’t mind, if November is a rather quiet one, as well.

Sleep in, if you can. Put on the fluffy socks. Start getting excited for Christmas. Put up some extra fairy lights for the dark season. Do something nice for somebody else. Cozy up for winter. Enjoy every ray of sunshine and have a wonderful November.

Tons of love,


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5 Responses to Goodbye October 2018

  1. Honey says:

    Is teeth drama ever going to end??? Jesus, those are annoying!
    even though you didn’t write much, I can imagine how planning a baby shower went with all those people… I just looove organizing stuff >.< (I actually do, but people can be real idiots!)


    • How are your teeth doing btw? Mine are ok, but still not done. Have apointment number 9 this month. :(

      Honestly, I’m sooo over planning anything. All the bitching with some idiots that don’t do shit for others? I’m over it. I’m focussing on my two besties and the rest can go to hell. This year, I’ve been disappointed by so many people that I’ve decided not to put up with shit, anymore. I’m 30 and not a freakin’ teenager. So now, they can go and do nothing, cause I was always the one planning everything. Not anymore. :D


  2. kirsty-rose says:

    You have already had snow?! What?! That is crazy! As much as I love that I have moved somewhere where it will be a cold and hopefully snowy Christmas, I am not prepared yet haha!


    • Yes, there was snow. Once or twice, but it didn’t last. Now, it’s getting warmer again, which also feels weird. But I know that where I live, when winter really hits, it does so big time. Even though I’m not really a fan, I’m kinda hoping for it, so I can work from home, even more. ;) Unfortunately, It never seems to be snowy on Christmas. In Poland you should definitely experience snow. It never snowed in South Africa, right? (Sorry for being an uneducated twat. :D )xx


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